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JAN 20 - 22. 2023

Unfortunately we will not sell tickets at the door.

Our apologies. See you 2024


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See you in 2024


The leaders/follower and couples passes include: 30 hours of milongas, in and outdoor activities, two days of live orchestra
hot and cold snacks at all milongas, Dj's from out of state and Local Dj's.

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Koichiro Suzuki
Pittsburgh PA 

Rod Relucio
Chicago IL 

Villano del Tango
Los Angeles, CA

Fernando Agresti3280 Medium.jpg
Mariano Bejarano.jpeg

Fernando Agresti
Miami FL 

Lorena Diez
Miami FL 

Mariano Bejarano
Miami FL 

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Nando Caceres.jpeg

Nando Caceres
Miami FL 

Alejandro Szenkman
Miami FL 

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Miami Marathon Milonguera is a gathering of Tangueros from all around US and why not, around the world. It will be located in Miami Beach - Florida US the next January 20th to 22nd of 2023, where the embrace will be our main guest. Come and enjoy the beach during the winter, at the privileged weather of South Florida attending beach, outdoor and indoor Milongas and a bunch of Tango. Close your eyes and let Tango go deep into your soul. 
We will have around 30 hours of Milonga, a total of 9 DJ’s from PA, CA, IL and FL, two nights of live orchestra, featuring the Boston Tango Orchestra. Fresh, cold and hot snacks will be serve during the milongas and non alcoholic beverages will be available during the Milongas. 
Our Marathon will have the same amount for each role, that means we will have a balance between followers and leaders and will be with limited capacity to only 140 attendants. 

Check our web site, where you can find a list of Hotels, Restaurants and shoppings near by. 
Hoping to give you an unforgettable tango experience in Florida, thank you so much for join us!!!


We are currently Sold Out. Looking forward to see you in 2024.

Covid policy: we will be following the City of Miami Beach and Miami Dade County guidelines at the time of the event, but a negative PCR or negative Rapid test will be required the day before or the first day of the event. A full disclosure will update in some weeks.

Update October 31st: 
Marathon Event is open to vaccinated and unvaccinated attendants. Please read the requirements for each category. 
Vaccinated attendants: 
You must send your vaccination card via email by January 5th to RSVP. You need to show at least 2 Covid-19 doses. The last dose must be administered AT LEAST 15 days prior to the first day of the Marathon. If you are vaccinated, you will not need a PCR or Rapid test, before the event. Testing is optional, but is recommended for vaccinated attendants. 
Unvaccinated attendants:

You must show a negative PCR test or a rapid test the day before or the first day of the event or you may choose to take an onsite Rapid Test which will be available for purchase at the venue. Results MUST be negative to be allowed entry into the event. 
Attendants with positive results will not be permitted to enter the venue or attend any Marathon activities. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our Tango community safe and enjoyable for everyone!

Refund policy: 
Until October 31st a full refund will be offer. 
From November 1st to December 31st 2022, we will offer transfer your pass to Miami Marathon Milonguera 2024.
If I you have any question please contact us at to assist you.




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Airport near by: Miami International Airport
Transportation from MIA to South Beach: Uber or Lyft: $25 / $35
Hotels near by, CLICK HERE
Preference Parking Lot
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General Parking Lot, CLICK HERE
Free rides in Miami Beach, CLICK HERE
Restaurants near by, CLICK HERE
Shopping in South Beach, CLICK HERE
Things to do in South Beach, CLICK HERE
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Explore MIA


Miami Beach Community Church

1620 Drexel Ave, Miami Beach

FL 33139

Phone: 786-622.6081  -  786-6227284

Thanks for choosing us!

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