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Miami Marathon Milonguera is an Argentine Tango gathering of milongueros which will be located in Miami Beach, Florida - US, the next January 19th to 21st of 2024, where the embrace will be our main guest. Come and enjoy the beach during the winter, in the privileged weather of South Florida, attending outdoor and indoor Milongas and a bunch of Tango. Close your eyes and let Tango go deep into your soul.

What is a Tango Marathon? 
As the names describes it, is a long weekend full of Tango and in a difference with a Tango Festival, Marathons don’t have performances, classes, seminars, private lessons or even vendors.

What to expect? 
*We will have around 27 hours of Traditional Milonga, a dance floor with few tables and chairs for all. The Argentine Tango codes like embrace, navigation & lanes, mirada & cabeceo are highly recommended.
*A total of 8 DJ’s playing mainly “Traditional Tango Music”, one night to dance with a  live orchestra , featuring Alex Roitman Tango Ensamble (ARTE)
*Fresh, cold - hot, salty and sweet snacks will be served during the night milongas and non alcoholic beverages will be available during all the Milongas (Water, Tea and Coffee) plus introducing our “Empanada Evening Milonga” and “Choripán Evening Milonga”

Who is it for?
*Tango Marathons are for experienced dancers who want to experience and enjoy the tango with dancers from different communities, within similar level of dance. 
*Our Marathon will be “role balance”, that means we will have the same amount of attendance for each role (leaders / followers) with a limited capacity to only 120 attendants.

How to get in?
*The process to get the registration will be partially by invitation and from November 1st to December 1st we will sell the remaining tickets, to complete our capacity.

Where to stay? 
*A huge option of Airbnb’s and small hotels are available in the area. Check our tab “Explore Mia” where you can find a list of Hotels, Restaurants and shoppings nearby.

Hoping to give you an unforgettable tango experience in Florida, thank you so much for joining us!!!

Who is the organizers?

Refund / Cancelation policy for the tickets bought between Nov 1st to Dec 1st:

Until December 31st a full refund will be offered.

From January 1st to January 15th we will transfer your pass to the MMM 2025.

If you have any other questions please contact us at, we will be happy to assist you.


You MUST to get your pass in advance, because walk- ins will not be allowed. 

We will NOT offer/sell passes at the door. No exceptions. Thank you so much for understanding!

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